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Know Our Zirconia Blocks

June 30, 2021

Zirconia Block Supplier share our zirconia block knowledge with you, hope it will be helpful for you

Quality:We choose high quality zirconia powder to make zirconia blocks. Isostatic pressing ensures all parts have uniform density and shrinkage distribution. Reliable, controllable and reusable production process to ensure equal quality. Each disc has its barcode and printed scale factor to ensure a more accurate scale factor

Zirconia Blocks

Zirconia Blocks

Uses:Dental Zirconia Blocks are used to make crowns, bridges, inlays and fixed partial denture plates as dental laboratory material

Usage:The dental zirconia blocks are ground with your CAD/CAM machine and then the Frame is sent to the sintering furnace. The final sintering temperature is 1480 degrees Celsius. Control the heating rate to 8 degrees per minute and make sure the Frame is completely cooled to room temperature before removing.

Features:Easy to cut, no porcelain breakage, less cutting. The disc has the required edge for milling machine.

Guarantee:Our company provides has its own molds to make zirconia blocks suitable for you

We also provide Multilayer Zirconia Blocks, please feel free to contact us if you need